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  • zealots of ontographic metagaming (zomg)

    zealots of ontographic metagaming (zomg)

    I scribbled this down one morning a few years ago following some thoughts which had been buzzing around my head for a few months. I then put it up on my now superseded zealots of ontographic metagaming site – and while I’m still yet to do anything substantial with the idea, the present sketch has prompted…

  • Exits in Videogames: Immanence and Transcendence

    Exits in Videogames: Immanence and Transcendence

    Published here at the amazing SPAM Plaza. From the editors: In this essay, Calum Rodger explores the poetics of exits and transcendence in video games, via the vectored planes of ‘Victorian-thought-experiments-turned-quirky-novella’ Flatland. Read on for reflections on the secret ecstasies and eeriness that accompany discoveries of glitches, nonsensical infrastructures and metatextual moments in the likes of Sonic…

  • fiat ontology: a ‘pataphysical proteus playthrough

    fiat ontology: a ‘pataphysical proteus playthrough

    READ IT HERE! A high-concept homemade minimalist poetry pamphlet based on 2013 indie game Proteus. From the booklet itself: fiat ontology: a ‘pataphysical proteus playthrough takes its compositional cues from the syzygy and clinamen of ‘pataphysics, the litanies of object-oriented ontology and the tactile poetics of Scottish minimalism to render in poem-booklet form a playthrough…

  • p0etryb1ts


    Archive of my 2019-2020 Instagram project @p0etryb1ts, in which I combined lines of poetry with screenshots from old videogames (in chronological order from earliest to most recent).



    32pp pamphlet published by SPAM Press, 2019. BUY IT HERE! > ‘In PORTS, Calum Rodger moulds together video games and well-known poems of the 20th century, and these hybrid creatures are fond, funny, extraordinary explorations into popular culture. At once known and strange, hilarious and serious, sweet and dark, these poems will make your thumbs…

  • Rock, Star, North.

    Rock, Star, North.

    Rock, Star, North. is a poetic travelogue set in the Grand Theft Auto V universe, inspired by the wanderings of Wordsworth, Basho and Nan Shepherd – presented here in its *final form*, with accompanying machinima film shot entirely in-game. The poem was first performed at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in May 2017; the film was…