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  • zealots of ontographic metagaming (zomg)

    zealots of ontographic metagaming (zomg)

    I scribbled this down one morning a few years ago following some thoughts which had been buzzing around my head for a few months. I then put it up on my now superseded zealots of ontographic metagaming site – and while I’m still yet to do anything substantial with the idea, the present sketch has prompted…

  • The Linton Worm (Is Eating the World)

    The Linton Worm (Is Eating the World)

    Commission for Push the Boat Out 2022, a Poetry Festival at Summerhall in Edinburgh. From PTBO: Push the Boat Out Festival 2022 commissioned seven innovative poets to reimagine some of Scotland’s most famous and infamous mythical beasts for this event, A Poetry Feast of Mythical Beasts. Continuing a rich, global tradition of new writing which…