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  • fiat ontology: a ‘pataphysical proteus playthrough

    fiat ontology: a ‘pataphysical proteus playthrough

    READ IT HERE! A high-concept homemade minimalist poetry pamphlet based on 2013 indie game Proteus. From the booklet itself: fiat ontology: a ‘pataphysical proteus playthrough takes its compositional cues from the syzygy and clinamen of ‘pataphysics, the litanies of object-oriented ontology and the tactile poetics of Scottish minimalism to render in poem-booklet form a playthrough…

  • lumpCuts: AI Poetics

    lumpCuts: AI Poetics

    lumpCuts is a series of handmade short-run poetry pamphlets produced using a GPT-2 instance trained on ‘The Lump’, a messy dataset comprising ‘every poem I’ve ever written ever’. To date four sequences have been made, which you can read in their entirety in pdf form below: lumpCuts001: night burns (16 degrees) (edition of 16) lumpCuts002:…