fiat ontology: a ‘pataphysical proteus playthrough


Page cropped and reproduced from fiat ontology; a screenshot from Proteus showing an island in the distance, with the text 'eadem mutata resurgo' printed underneath in italicised sans serif.

A high-concept homemade minimalist poetry pamphlet based on 2013 indie game Proteus. From the booklet itself:

fiat ontology: a ‘pataphysical proteus playthrough takes its compositional cues from the syzygy and clinamen of ‘pataphysics, the litanies of object-oriented ontology and the tactile poetics of Scottish minimalism to render in poem-booklet form a playthrough of 2013 game Proteus (Ed Key and David Kanaga, PC/PS3) by way of allusion to various levels of being, acrostically defined.

Handmade in an edition of 24 under the name digit press (a banner I’ve recently reincarnated for the lumpCuts series).





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