Category: Performance

  • Bright Club: Stand-Up Comedy

    Bright Club: Stand-Up Comedy

    Back when I was a PhD student I joined a postgraduate comedy group called ‘Bright Club’, wherein we tried to transform our academic research into short stand-up comedy sets, performing the results at comedy clubs and other venues around Scotland. Here are a few sets of mine from those heady days. A Party Political Broadcast…

  • Kelburn Garden Party

    Kelburn Garden Party

    King Cnut, Kelburn Garden Party, Largs 2016

  • Poetry World Cup: Paris 2019

    Poetry World Cup: Paris 2019

    Keep Me in the Fridge Poem for James Valentine’s Day 50,000 BC Know Yr Stuff Press X to Jump in Mass Grave Like a Film

  • BBC Rappers vs Poets

    BBC Rappers vs Poets

    Valentine’s Day 50,000 BC, BBC Rappers vs Poets, Edinburgh Fringe, 2017

  • The Linton Worm (Is Eating the World)

    The Linton Worm (Is Eating the World)

    Commission for Push the Boat Out 2022, a Poetry Festival at Summerhall in Edinburgh. From PTBO: Push the Boat Out Festival 2022 commissioned seven innovative poets to reimagine some of Scotland’s most famous and infamous mythical beasts for this event, A Poetry Feast of Mythical Beasts. Continuing a rich, global tradition of new writing which…

  • Glasgow Flourishes

    Glasgow Flourishes

    Commissioned performance, TEDxGlasgow, 2014 8pp pamphlet, Tapsalteerie, 2014 (edition of 60) OUT OF PRINT.

  • Know Yr Stuff: Poems on Hedonism

    Know Yr Stuff: Poems on Hedonism

    32pp pamphlet published by Tapsalteerie, 2014. OUT OF PRINT. Teaser poems: the worst of my faults is a certain impatient gaiety of disposition I’m trying to pass the man in the superheated tent with my life, then all goes hazy so I go on a long vacation close my eyes and sway to the state…

  • Occasional Poems 2012-2019

    Occasional Poems 2012-2019

    60pp book published by Speculative Books, 2020. BUY IT HERE! Teaser poems: On When You Are Told, While Very Hungover, That Michael Phelps Has An Armspan Of Six Feet And Four Inches, Whereupon You Reply, In Your Astonishment, ‘He Could Just Hold Me!’, Thereafter Being Challenged To Write A Poem On The Subject, And Later…

  • Rock, Star, North.

    Rock, Star, North.

    Rock, Star, North. is a poetic travelogue set in the Grand Theft Auto V universe, inspired by the wanderings of Wordsworth, Basho and Nan Shepherd – presented here in its *final form*, with accompanying machinima film shot entirely in-game. The poem was first performed at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in May 2017; the film was…