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  • Burns in Translation

    Burns in Translation

    To a Mouse Address to a Haggis Is There For Honest Poverty

  • p0etryb1ts


    Archive of my 2019-2020 Instagram project @p0etryb1ts, in which I combined lines of poetry with screenshots from old videogames (in chronological order from earliest to most recent).

  • whale / tree

    whale / tree

    Watch on Vimeo. Text and voice: Calum Rodger Camera: Genevieve Gosselin-G Editing: Jonathan Lamy and Calum Rodger Sound editing: Richy Carey This film is part of a project with the Maison de la po├ęsie (Montreal) and the Scottish Poetry Library, funded by the Quebec Government and British Council, via Connexions Quebec-UK Connections, and supported by…

  • Rock, Star, North.

    Rock, Star, North.

    Rock, Star, North. is a poetic travelogue set in the Grand Theft Auto V universe, inspired by the wanderings of Wordsworth, Basho and Nan Shepherd – presented here in its *final form*, with accompanying machinima film shot entirely in-game. The poem was first performed at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in May 2017; the film was…