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  • Reading the Drones

    Reading the Drones

    Academic article entitled ‘Reading the Drones: Working Towards a Critical Tradition of Interactive Poetry Generation’, exploring what I call ‘interactive poetry generators’ – hobbyist computer software designed to produce machine-generated and machine-assisted poetry – and how they can (and should) be naturalised and studied as objects of literary criticism. Most of the article focuses on…

  • zealots of ontographic metagaming (zomg)

    zealots of ontographic metagaming (zomg)

    I scribbled this down one morning a few years ago following some thoughts which had been buzzing around my head for a few months. I then put it up on my now superseded zealots of ontographic metagaming site – and while I’m still yet to do anything substantial with the idea, the present sketch has prompted…

  • Exits in Videogames: Immanence and Transcendence

    Exits in Videogames: Immanence and Transcendence

    Published here at the amazing SPAM Plaza. From the editors: In this essay, Calum Rodger explores the poetics of exits and transcendence in video games, via the vectored planes of ‘Victorian-thought-experiments-turned-quirky-novella’ Flatland. Read on for reflections on the secret ecstasies and eeriness that accompany discoveries of glitches, nonsensical infrastructures and metatextual moments in the likes of Sonic…

  • Various Reviews

    Various Reviews

    Essays @ Glasgow Review of Books This Is Alt Lit: Anomie in the Age of Social Networks. From the ‘Fictive Nation’ to the ‘City in Short Fiction’: Reading The Book of Tokyo After Barthes. Poetry Reviews @ Gutter Magazine ABODDIES COLD: SPECTRE, nicky melville. Vestigial: Poems After Alasdair Gray’s Lanark, Juana Adcock. Twitter Bot Reviews…

  • Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Topographical Poetics

    Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Topographical Poetics

    Academic article entitled ‘Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Topographical Poetics at Stonypath/Little Sparta’, summarising some of the key findings of my PhD research by presenting a philosophical and literary framework for encountering Finlay’s unique poetry garden Little Sparta, in southern Scotland. Published here in the Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry.