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    For years Rodger has been one of the best live performers on the scene, his words as rigorous as they are joyful. Laura Waddell, The Scotsman Calum Rodger […] is something of a stranger to the simple and clear expression of ideas. Fiona Rintoul, The National [..] the king of videogame poetry. Aaron Kent, editor…

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    August 2023 PERFORMANCE: Southside Games Festival, Glasgow, 23rd August 2023. Get tickets here. PERFORMANCE: Sofar Sounds, Glasgow, 22nd August 2023. Get tickets here. May 2023 PEFFORMANCE: Rock, Star, North. @ A MAZE: 12th International Games and Playful Media Festival, Berlin, 12th May 2023

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    Calum Rodger, as is customary for perpetually emerging artists, writes his own biographical notes, and always in the third-person. As such, it should be borne in mind that any biases, shortcomings, exaggerations or embellishments in the text which follows are entirely and exclusively the fault of both its writer and its subject, given that both…

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  • Bright Club: Stand-Up Comedy

    Bright Club: Stand-Up Comedy

    Back when I was a PhD student I joined a postgraduate comedy group called ‘Bright Club’, wherein we tried to transform our academic research into short stand-up comedy sets, performing the results at comedy clubs and other venues around Scotland. Here are a few sets of mine from those heady days. A Party Political Broadcast…

  • Kelburn Garden Party

    Kelburn Garden Party

    King Cnut, Kelburn Garden Party, Largs 2016

  • Poetry World Cup: Paris 2019

    Poetry World Cup: Paris 2019

    Keep Me in the Fridge Poem for James Valentine’s Day 50,000 BC Know Yr Stuff Press X to Jump in Mass Grave Like a Film

  • BBC Rappers vs Poets

    BBC Rappers vs Poets

    Valentine’s Day 50,000 BC, BBC Rappers vs Poets, Edinburgh Fringe, 2017

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